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Meeting & Discovering ‘the Muse’

Imagine purchasing art lessons for a birthday gift to yourself, only to show up to discover you are booked into art therapy!    

Yes, this is what happened to me, and I am eternally grateful for the mix up.  Rediscovering art as an adult – through the therapy process – taught me how to lose all judgment around what I produce on the canvas.

When the creative muse shows up and sprinkles her anointed sparkle over my pastel, paintbrush or hand I receive it like the gift it is.

I have no qualms about telling you I am just as surprised at the works that flow out of me as my clients.  It is not unusual to be mid painting and not know what the next colour is going to be, or how the painting will finally look like.

I am totally ‘self taught’ and rely heavily on my intuition, the muse, my natural affinity for colour – and for all the pragmatist out there YouTube videos.

YouTube?  Yes, and local and international artists that when I see a technique I have never seen before, or in the early stages, wanted to know what type of canvas or paints I should use for longevity of the artworks for my clients – they were (and are) my go to resources.

I discovered the ‘energy’ gift by accident. 

After traveling to Bali it was recommended by a healer that I create more.  On my return I took a photo of my travels and created just for me, what I felt was an energetic representation of it.  Imagine my surprise after posting it on facebook all the comments from my friends and colleagues informing me that they could ‘feel’ Bali.

As an act of curiosity I wanted to know if it was a one off or something I could do; so I asked some colleagues to send me some photos of themselves and I went to work.  The results were astounding, not only did each piece resonate 100% with the receiver I also, mid creation received messages and inklings about the photos and passed them on.  Again, 100% accurate!  The mind boggles!

I was creating, and continue to create what I have called transference energy art work.  Each artwork contains intuited positive high vibrational energy that I receive during the creation process and intentionally place into each piece as a gift to the viewer.

On viewing the art work you can easily tap in to it and experience a transference of this energy from the piece to you.

My commissioned work provides you with an intuitive energetic representation of people, animals, places and things you are able to emotionally, spiritually and physically tap into the energy of the work any and connect with your chosen subject.

Choose to deliberately tap into the art and its energy anytime you need to remember, connect and re-energize yourself.

Celebrate, Remember, Connect and Re-Energize Your Life with Just One Look.

Inspired Artwork for your soul