Celebrate, Remember, Connect and Re-Energize Your Life with Just One Look.

Each artwork contains intuited positive high vibrational energy that is intentionally placed into each piece as a gift to the viewer. On viewing you are can easily experience a transference of this energy from the piece to you. Choose to deliberately tap into the art and its energy anytime you need to remember, connect and re energize yourself.

Your Very Own Personalised Artwork

Your commissioned work provides you with an intuitive energetic representation of a person, pet or place that holds special meaning to you. I intuitively seek and receive the energy before starting each work and then place it in its most highest vibrational form into the painting. Once hung in your home or office you will be able to deliberately tap into and experience a transference of the energy any time.

Celebrate, Re-Energize, Remember, and Reconnect with Your Most Precious Life Memories with Just One Look.

Inspired Artwork for Your Soul
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