Energy Art

An easy tool to reconnect you to what you value most.

Limited Only by Your Imagination…

Weather it be a representation of a family pet, your most treasured travel memory or a visual reminder of your best self, there are many ways you can use energy art.  The key to working out which is best for you is to decide what you wish to connect to the most.

See below for some ideas on how you can use energy art to get your imagination running wild about what is possible and how others are using energy art to improve their life.

use energy art as an easy self empowerment tool

Celebrating Your Best Self

We all have ups and downs in life and having a visual representation of your best self is one of the best ways to use energy art. It is your true spirit, hanging on a wall with allows you to…

Pet Memorial

Pets are a part of our family, treasured and have a unique kind of energy that is missed when they leave us. Capture your best friend in an energy painting and keep their memory alive.

use energy art to preserve your pet memories
use energy art to save your travel memories

Your Travel Memories Come Alive

Traveling to exotic locations, meeting new people, experiencing new things – all of this opens us up to a different and often more adventurous part of ourselves. A part that when we are back home and ‘into the swing of things’ we would prefer not to …

First Wedding Anniversary

Represented by paper your first wedding anniversary gift should be a unique and as special as your union is. An energetic art piece representing all the excitement and joy of your special day one year later on what more could you ask for.

use energy art to capture the feeling of your wedding

Unique Business Branding

Creative, innovative and a sure way to stand out from the crowd energy art as a visual representation of your brand not only looks great but also…more

Home Styling

You walk in the door after a hard day at work, tired, stressed and well, ‘out of sorts’ and voila! you see it, your energetic artwork in all of its magnificence beaming out at you and instantly…more

Passed Loved Ones

A life well lived is a life well celebrated. An energetic artwork of your loved celebrates their place in your heart and allows you to connect with the highest part of their spirit and energy allowing you to remember…. more

Family Energy

Families come in all shapes and sizes, childless, single, blended, same sex, traditional. While we like to put them in a ‘box’, the truth is every family is unique. Families are love and individual personalities each plays a part in…more